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The first step in choosing your first job is understanding the shift from personal to professional, which is required in the world of work. This section aims to help you discover your strengths, skills and shares real stories from working graduates at their first jobs. We also hear from HR representatives about the importance of knowing your company culture, and more practical advice for surviving the workplace from graduate experts. Read more…


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Message from the CEO

Our country, our continent, our world is going through an important transition. Digital technology is rapidly making the impossible possible. Brands, more than ever, have the customer and their experience at the heart of their strategies. Every business leader needs to face the prospect of transformation or risk disruption.

From ambition to success

“I am proud to be responsible for a group of individuals so very passionate about the work that they do,” begins Sandy Mohonathan, Accenture’s director of Human Resources in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Turkey. Accenture people are fervent about their clients and about the communities in which they work and live. They think and act big, because that’s what it takes to improve the way the world lives and works.

Grads at work

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Simply the best

By Shelagh Foster

Knowing your job market, communicating clearly and respecting everyone in your work environment are sure-fire ways to make yourself “most employable”.

The first step towards a rewarding career is knowing what’s out there jobwise, and preparing yourself. Become an expert in your field even while you’re still studying.