Possible careers within this industry
Agri-processing | Automotive | Chemicals | ICT and electronics | Metals | Clothing | Textiles | Footwear

The manufacturing industry in South Africa is vast and you could find yourself working in a number of different fields, with thousands of different products that are produced in factories every day. For example, you could find yourself working in any one of the following sectors: agri-processing, automotive, chemicals, ICT and electronics, metals, clothing, textiles and footwear.

There is a great demand for engineers in the manufacturing industry. But if engineering is not where you see yourself, there is also a need for artisans and apprentices as well as other support services, including finance, marketing, HR and administration. It’s important to remember however that if you choose this career path, you may have to say goodbye to city life for a while: it’s likely you’ll be based in a peri-urban or rural area to gain on-site experience. There’s also a lot of shift work involved – which may not be your cup of tea.

What to study

If you’re interested in the agricultural side of things, a diploma in farming or an agri-engineering degree will stand you in good stead.

On a more general note: engineering degrees are welcomed, as are other technical qualifications.

Did you know?

  • According to Wikipedia, manufacturing contributes around 15% to South Africa’s GDP.